Thursday, June 17, 2010



Anonymous said...

janam filtrrrr!!!
chera in baz nemishe??
irad az pc mane???
labolocham avizune alan!!!

m_fallahi said...

eye eye, two eyebrow, nose & mouth a circle!
your works are very very bahal!!:)

mahmood mokhtari said...


joe said...

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Hines said...
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Hines said...

Awww what an amazing drawing! Keep them coming:)
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WalterLament said...

A wonderfuldrawing, so full of life!

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YouTube to mp4 said...

Looks really nice! I like it:)

mpeg4 player said...

This picture is the cutes I've ever seen in my entire life! Great job!

vob player said...

You know what I like the most in your works? They are so simple and beautiful at the same time!

Anonymous said...

salam chetory
be mam ye sari bezan

rxnakarxy said...

cheqadr aalian kaarhaatun :]x

Maede said...

is she the girl named Niloufar? maybe Nilofar Haqani? its remain me my oldest friend.

avi to vob mac said...

Cheer for this. They are so simple and beautiful at the same time!

avi to mp4 converter said...

I greatly benefit from your articles every time I read one.

Mayumi Elisa said...

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